An Experience in Trinidad

Three Weeks of Learning and Growing in the West Indies

In May 2005, I traveled with nine other graduate students to the islands of Trinidad and Tobago for three weeks of practicum and cultural experiences.

It was an experience I'll never forget! The school experience was wonderful, and I worked with a fabulous guidance officer.

During our weekends, we also explored the culture of this wonderful country. Here are some of the 1000 pictures I took while down in the hot, tropical area known as TT.


We have arrived!

We met the people.

We sampled the food.

We walked the beach.


We took in the scenery.


We also became part of the scenery!

We danced. We got tired.

We ate and drank and were merry!


We traveled the streets of the city and the back roads of the country......

And enjoyed BEAUTIFUL scenery and landscaping!






Let's not forget the main reason we came: the kids!

Thank you, Trinidad!

And thank you, Dian!!