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      5X7 photos (no mat or frame)    $5.00

      5X7 giant photo magnets       $5.00

      5X7 photos with mat or frame $10.00

      Photo magnets                 $1.00

      8X10 photos (no mat or frame) $10.00

      8X10 photos with mat or frame $15.00

      Laminated Magnets $1 each or  12 for $10.00*

*(specify up to two photo numbers per dozen)

Quantity       Photo Number         Frame or Mat       Price                Total



























Shipping: Add $3.50 for framed or matted photos, $2 for unframed, $1 per dozen magnets.


Print and mail this form and your payment to:

Martha Hall Bowman

P.O. Box 204

Mooreland, IN 47360                                     Or go to and pay through the

                                                following email address:

Thank you!