Connect the Hearts

Connect the 




Martha recorded her first CD, "Connect the Hearts," in 2000. It's a collection of "God Songs," most of them written by Martha. They are positive, inspiring songs, and each song has its own unique sound.

Here's the list of songs and their songwriters:
Connect The Hearts (Martha Hall Bowman)
Celebrate! (Martha Hall/C. Thompson)
Butterfly (Jana Stanfield/Joyce Rouse)
Thank You, Lord (Martha Hall Bowman)
I Need You Now (Martha Hall)

You Heal Me (Karen Taylor Good)
The Kingdom of God (Martha Hall Bowman)
Let Go (Martha Hall Bowman/ J.S. Bach)
An Offering (Martha Hall Bowman)
Take My Life (Martha Hall Bowman)
You Are There (Martha Hall Bowman)
Give Yourself To Love (Kate Wolf)
Lemonade (Martha Hall Bowman)

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