Calendar for Martha


Recent appearances:


  September 14, 2008

Christian Church

Pittsburg, Kansas

Worship service soloist


  Oct. 4, 2008

White Branch Church of the Brethren

Hagerstown, Indiana

Concert for 150th anniversary of the church


  Oct. 24, 2008

Dunn Center 50th Anniversary celebration

Richmond, Indiana

Singing as Patsy Cline


  Nov. 1, 2008

Christ Unity

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Worship soloist


  Nov. 15, 2008

Unity North,


Worship soloist



Upcoming appearances:


  Dec. 7, 2008

Unity of Bloomington, Indiana.

Worship service soloist


  Dec. 24, 2008

Hagerstown Congregational Christian UCC

Christmas Eve soloist


  January 11, 2009

Unity of Marin, California

Worship service soloist


  January 24, 2009

7 p.m. Concert in the Pines

Peace Unity,

Grand Rapids, Michigan


  January 25, 2009

Peace Unity

Worship service: Sermon in song, soloist, meditation


  Feb. 28, 2009

Unity of West Lake

Cleveland, Ohio


  March 1  1:00 p.m.

Fortune Fund Benefit Concert for Breast Cancer Treatment

Middletown Church of the Nazarene

Middletown, Indiana